Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Vacancies at Evrius

Active spoken and written English/ Interest in digital marketing and advertising technologies/ Willingness to work in cold sales

What we expect from you:

  • You have successful cases of achieving a certain result in a leadership position
  • Understanding how OpenRTB works
  • Working with different ad formats 3 or more years of experience in digital marketing
  • Strong knowledge in advertising and marketing
  • Experience of a successful project built from scratch
  • Experience in product strategy development
  • Experience in training team leaders

We want you on our team and are ready to offer:

  • a clear financial growth
  • stable payouts
  • clear workflow to prevent overtime
  • courses and training for professional growth
  • mentorship and support of managers
  • vacation 24 days and paid sick-days
  • flexible schedule
  • remote format


  • Analysis of the project in all areas
  • Formation and implementation of a roadmap for the project
  • Making changes to the structure, selecting the missing key figures in positions
  • Development of quarterly and monthly KPIs for employees
  • Motivation and adaptation of TOP employees
  • Coaching and project team management (pub/adver/marketing)
  • Drawing up a marketing plan for product development
  • Monitoring and analysis of competitors

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