Product manager

Vacancies at Evrius

You have relevant experience for at least 3 years/You can start new advertising formats from scratch and implement technical solutions/Written and spoken English (upper-intermediate and higher)

What we expect from you:

  • You have relevant experience for at least 3 years in the position of Product/Project manager in ad network (CPC/CMM).
  • You can start new advertising formats from scratch and implement technical solutions in the object.
  • You know, how to develop a project plan and implement it.
  • Not surprised by the creation of technical documentation of the product and support of it in actual form.
  • You know what Jira/Confluence is.
  • Written and spoken English (upper-intermediate and higher).

We want you on our team and are ready to offer:

  • A clear financial growth, salary review every 6 months
  • Stable payouts
  • Clear workflow to prevent overtimes
  • Courses and training for professional growth
  • Mentorship and support of managers
  • Vacation days and paid sick-days
  • You get the experience that correlates with your interests and, at the same time, promotes business
  • With us, you realize your career ambitions and ideas


  • Building a project development strategy in different directions (analytics, work with different advertising formats).
  • Identifying goals and KPIs for the entire project and its parts, and brainstorming to improve them.
  • Creating the technical documentation required for the project creation and development (tech description and new updates, release plans, instructions, regulations, standards, etc).
  • Analyzing competitors. Searching for new technical solutions on the market, analyzing their relevance to our project and implementing the best ideas and practices.
  • Running product research together with the analytics department to improve the project (finding growth points, effective ideas, insights, etc).
  • Generating reports (weekly, quarterly, annual).

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