Data Analyst

Vacancies at Evrius

Active spoken and written English/ Interest in digital marketing and advertising technologies/ Willingness to work in cold sales

What we expect from you:

  • 2-5 years experience as a Data Analyst \ Data Scientist
  • experience in traffic optimization
  • processes of business monitoring and analytics of the company
  • modeling of the main aspects of the company's activities
  • AB testing of business hypotheses
  • generation and implementation of ideas to improve the company's performance
  • experience in statistics and statistical analysis
  • R (tidyverse, ggplot2, shiny, machine learning packages), also possible python (pandas, numpy, scipy, plotly, scikit-learn etc) as an alternative
  • SQL (MySQL, Clickhouse)
  • Docker, git
  • JS (would be a plus)
  • English B1 +

We want you on our team and are ready to offer:

  • Clear gradation of financial growth
  • Stable payments
  • Clear workflow to prevent overtime
  • Courses and training for professional development
  • Mentoring and support for managers
  • 20 days of vacation
  • flexible schedule
  • remote format


  • work with traffic optimization
  • business process modeling
  • antifraud (minor)
  • creation of separate applications and user interfaces for working with data
  • work with the definition of fraudulent traffic, it is desirable that these are not third-party, but internal solutions
  • general analysis of the company's activities

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