Account manager

Vacancies at Evrius

Written and spoken English/You know how to scale up business partners/You know the features and strengths of push/inpage/popunder/native advertising formats

What we expect from you:

  • You know the features and strengths of push/inpage/popunder/native advertising formats.
  • You know how to scale up business partners.
  • You can communicate with pleasure, find compromises, and make a soft and persistent argument.
  • You understand the configuration peculiarities and can analyze the results of advertising campaigns.
  • Your strengths are logical thinking, attention to nuances, and the ability to conclude.
  • Written and spoken English not lower than upper-intermediate. We carry out the knowledge test.

We want you on our team and are ready to offer:

  • A clear financial growth, salary review every six months
  • Stable payouts
  • Clear workflow to prevent overtime
  • Courses and training for professional growth
  • Mentorship and support of managers
  • Vacation days and paid sick-days
  • Working schedule 5/2, 10:00-19:00
  • Comfortable and spacious office in the center of Prague
  • You get the experience that correlates with your interests and, at the same time, promotes business


  • Work in a team of account managers.
  • Find ways to help partners to achieve sustainable income and scale business.
  • Be a proactive assistant for our partners: helping set up advertising campaigns and their optimization to improve the results on their own and request.
  • Be a responsible friend for advertisers who timely announces new bonuses and system technical improvements, helps to find answers to current questions and is in touch 24/7.
  • Analyze KPI performance and self-improving.
  • Reports (weekly, quarterly, annual), sharing conclusions and plans.

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