Team Lead of Business Development

Vacancies at Evrius

Strong leadership and mentoring qualities / Experience in similar field and position / Cold sales experience is a must

What we expect from you:

  • You have 2+ years of experience in the management position in Online Advertising and Traffic monetization with push/inpage/popunder/native.
  • You understand the market, its trends and challenges.
  • You can sort the product into bones, analyze everything and find ways of improvement.
  • You know how to scale partners’ business with the help of an ad network.
  • You can prove your point with strong arguments.
  • You have empathy and attention to people.
  • You are an expert in team-building and motivation.
  • You know how to keep yourself and the team in a state of mind, find energy for study and research.
  • Your strengths: able to share knowledge, result-oriented, master of structure.
  • Written and spoken English at the level not lower than upper-intermediate.

We want you on our team and are ready to offer:

  • A clear financial growth
  • Stable payouts
  • Clear workflow to prevent overtime
  • Courses and training for professional growth
  • Mentorship and support of managers
  • Vacation days and paid sick-days
  • Comfortable and spacious office in the center of Prague
  • You get the experience that correlates with your interests and, at the same time, promotes business


  • Manage the Sales team.
  • Dive into world practices and colleagues’ cases in search of new tricks, tools, technologies, unusual ideas, and insights.
  • Formulate USP, and improve the product and customer service.
  • Study the needs of advertisers and publishers, as well as their business.
  • Build a flexible, motivated team, create onboarding plans for newcomers and team training.
  • Develop goals and criteria for the team to achieve them, if necessary, correct them.
  • Find and test new channels of partner involvement and form their clear structure.
  • Test new ideas and implementing successful ones.
  • Prepare weekly, quarterly, and annual reports with team results, conclusions, and plans.

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